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Web and .Net-oriented passionate developer

Having always been attracted by new technologies, I naturally turned to a bachelor's degree in computer science management.

I am currently working for Amaris Consulting as a Web/.Net consultant

I like to work as a team and adapt easily to any type of challenge.

  • 85 %
    Framework .Net

    Passionate about Web technologies, I always like to develop my skills in the newest frameworks (Like ASP .Net Core, Angular 10+, Blazor)

  • 90 %

    With experience in ASP .Net, HTML5, CSS3 as well as javascript (Certify 70-480, use of jQuery / Angular10+ / Typescript / Knockout / Ionic2), with different frameworks like .Net/.Net Core, I have also Developed with the CMS Joomla, I thus has strong oriented Web skills.

  • 70 %
    Systems and networks

    Already familiar in this environment, I have knowledge on Windows Server as well as its functionalities (such as GPO and active directory).

Technical skills


  • C#
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • Transact-SQL
  • NoSql


  • ASP .Net & ASP .Net Core
  • BootStrap 4
  • Angular 2+ (NPM + Angular CLI)
  • KnockoutJs

Development environment

  • Visual Studio (plus Resharper)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • SQL Server Management 2014

Methods of analysis

  • Scrum/Agile
  • DDD

Design patterns

  • MVC
  • MVVM

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